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Top Ten Worst Pieces of Writing Advice       by Michael Neff Without Proper Advice Though, No PublicationOUTSIDE OF EXCESS NARCISSISM, BAD ADVICE IS A WRITER'S WORST ENEMY.If you ever run or attend writer events, you will never cease to hear utterances of bad writing advice, the popular kind that circulates like a ruinous viral meme through the nervous systems of Amer… Read all

ALGONKIAN AUTHOR SALON REVIEWS TECHNIQUE       Advanced Craft Necessary To The Creation of a Competitive Commercial Manuscript   As noted in our piece on scene storyboards, if you're working on a commercial fiction or narrative non-fiction manuscript, you will benefit if you view your project as possessing three layers of increasing complexity (yes, t… Read all

Stanford Certificate Program in Novel Writing vs. Author Salon  For purposes of comparing this Algonkian Author Salon program ( $89.00 per year ) to one of the most expensive novel writing programs online ( $8,345.00 ), we present snippets of the Stanford marketing page below ( in red ) interlaced with our comments. FYI, this Stanford academic program, though not part of an MFA program, … Read all
Contracts and Comments   Conferences    FAQ   Novel Writing Courses   Faculty Algonkian Writer Conference Reviews by Authors The reviews, comments and success stories noted below by writers, authors, and agents who have attended workshops and events held by Algonkian Writer Conferences are a representative sample of the total … Read all

Algonkian Author Salon Emerging Author Interviews A Talk With Robert Steedman About His Writing Life and NovelTITLE: MADAME DE HART’S WAX MUSEUM (now THE PHANTASMAGORICAL THEATER OF CRESPIN VARLOT)GENRE: YA HorrorCOMPS: ABE LINCOLN; V. HUNTER - Seth Grahmn-Smith and THE HANGMAN’S DAUGHTER - Oliver PotzchWORDS: 72,000+Robert Steedman is a proud native New Yorker, receiving his B.A. in … Read all

TIPS FOR WRITERSThrillers to Learn From      Joe Finder   I gave a talk a couple of months ago at Muse and the Marketplace, the terrific annual writers conference sponsored by Grub Street in Boston, where I listed the best books to learn thriller-writing from — a few nonfiction books, but mostly great thrillers that I think every thriller writer should read and take… Read all

Author Salon Reviews the Lit Scene with Jill Marsal From Author Salon Interviews - Robin Stuart Interviewer Jill Marsal is a founding partner of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency and has been in the publishing industry for over 15 years. Previously, she worked as a Literary Agent with the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency for eight years and at Dorchester Publications and Tudor … Read all
From The Writer's Edge:The Problem With Writer Groups? They Can Trip You Up and Hold You Back by Michael Neff  For many years I've realized the futility of obtaining useful and project-evolving advice from the average writer group. In consideration of this epiphany, I recommend limiting any given writer group to critique of prose narrative, and seeking response i… Read all

Author Salon Emerging Author Interviews A Talk With Janet Zupan About Her Writing Life and Her NovelTITLE: MISSING PARTSGENRE: Middle GradeCOMPARABLES: ONE EYED CAT and FRIEND OF THE FAMILYWORDS: 50,000 - 65,000Janet Zupan earned her M.F.A. (Creative Writing/Poetry) from the University of Montana in 1996.  Her poems have appeared in various journals, including Apple Valley Review and… Read all

Author Salon Emerging Author Interviews A Talk With Brittany Huges About Her Writing Life and NovelTITLE:  BREAKING CLAYGENRE:  Upmarket/literaryCOMPS:  FLIGHT BEHAVIOR meets WINTER'S BONE WORDS:  85,000+Brittany Hughes graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, and subsequently earned a Masters in Teaching. Although raised … Read all