The Author Salon Project Development and Commercial Network Site

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The Author Salon Project Development and Commercial Network Site

Writers at Author Salon get published the old fashioned way. They earn it.

At Author Salon, it's not just about getting a book published, it's about launching a career.

If you are new to Author Salon, you have two choices before you. You have the option of joining our main Author Salon site and engaging in peer critique (see notes below), or you have an option of joining our AUTHOR SALON NOVEL WRITING PROGRAM. We advise you to research both before making a decision. Each has advantages. One might suit you better than the other, for now, or later.

Regardless, our mission is twofold. First, to serve as an ongoing and effective bridge between our aspiring author members and professionals in the business. Our faculty actively networks with major New York publishers, as well as top literary agents, to promote a variety of projects throughout the year. In other words, we pitch and query on behalf of our writers, providing them with the visibility and promotion they need to stand a realistic chance of becoming published career authors. We work with all genres, including upmarket and literary, historical, serious and light women's fiction, romance, erotica, fantasy, SF, middle-grade and YA, urban fantasy, general fiction, thrillers, cozy mystery, detective and true crime. So far, over four dozen fulls and partials have been requested by publishers and agents including Random House, Dijkstra Agency, AEI Films and Books, Harper Collins, Penguin Books USA, St. Martins, Tor Books, Larsen-Pomada Agency, ICM, Donald Maass Agency, Fine Print Literary, Kimberley Cameron Agency and many more.

Second, to attract promising fiction and nonfiction writers and transform them into great writers by guiding them through the project development process in a realistic and methodical manner with nothing short of commercial publication of their manuscript as the goal. To this end, Author Salon functions as a new and rigorous form of writer university, utilizing a criteria-based step by step approach that includes primary and upper level peer-and-pro reviews and writer workshops, a separate two level review by Author Salon, additional forum-based draft workshops, as well as a final top level review on the part of seasoned peers and agent/editor players in the publishing business.

At Author Salon, writers never have to go it alone. It's always a group effort, and in a sense, analogous to the production and direction of a film. The writer is the director, while Author Salon is the producer, and its mods, admins, fellow writers and faculty editors play roles as assistant producers, gaffers and key grips, film editors and assistant directors, and so forth, based on each writer's needs and each project's strengths and weaknesses.

How to Begin The Process and a Few More Notes

Author Salon is for serious writers desirous of commercial publication and completely open to ongoing project development as well as productive critique from professionals and qualified peers. Our "first steps" page can be FOUND HERE.

We sustain a suitable and pragmatic online work space for the nonfiction and novel writing community that combines the technical advantages of a Facebook-like environ (instant chat, site mail, video embeds, etc.) with the content approach of Publisher's Marketplace. In other words, Author Salon provides the communication and technology that writer workshops need while enabling easy access to a backdrop of publishing news, writer resources and advanced craft content.

For those writers who need it, we are a trusted source of tie-breaking, valuable information on fiction and nonfiction writing, craft, publishing, and book marketing that avoids the myths and sticks only to the facts. See our CRAFT PAGE TOC for a closer look. Our job is to tell the writer what works, what doesn't work, and what needs to be developed further - while they can still do something about it - and before an agent or publisher shuts the door in their face.


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