Becoming a Member of The Author Salon Project Development Network

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Becoming a Member of The Author Salon Novel Development Site

Writers at Author Salon get published the old fashioned way. They earn it.

The following steps below are designed to guide you quite simply through the process of joining Author Salon. Once you've completed them, editors at Author Salon will review your profile and get back to you within five working days. Please note that you are not required to have a full novel or nonfiction written in order to join. You might only have a partial. However, we ask that you use the AS Profile Guide as a means to cajole you into filling in the blanks, if necessary, on matters related to your project (e.g., aspects of your plot, conflict, characters, etc).

If you review the AS Project Profile and feel you need to progress in your studies or develop your story further, or perhaps acquire new techniques and skills before joining, we offer a comprehensive COMMERCIAL NOVEL WRITING PROGRAM that covers all the vital elements related to market and structure such as premise, plot line(s), character and theme, as well as those elements related to issues of style, voice, viewpoint, narrative enhancement and effective scene storyboarding and development.

Steps and Ponderings as Follows:
    1. Read our ABOUT PAGE that focuses on the mission of Author Salon.

    2. Go to our AS PROFILE GUIDE and print that page (print link top right).

    3. Review what is required by the Profile Guide. This information about you and your novel, or narrative non-fiction (both are stories, just one purports to be more factual; therefore, they must meet the same requirements), will be entered into your profile.

    4. Keep your answers to the AS Profile Guide in a separate file on your computer, just in case you have a problem with the form interface online.

    4. At this juncture, you may be ready to fill out the AS PROFILE FORM online. However, if you have reviewed the profile guide and feel that it contains questions you cannot yet answer, you have two options. The first is to take the courses noted above which will assist you greatly with filling in the blanks. The second is to do as much as you can and post it regardless. In any blank profile field you cannot answer, you enter the words WORKING ON IT.

    As a "pending member" of the site, you may return and edit the profile as necessary, no rush. Once you are ready to have AS editors review, you go to our CONTACT FORM and alert us to review.

    5. Once you successfully become a member of Author Salon, more information will be mailed to you concerning how to begin the process of developing your project.


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