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Welcome to the Algonkian Author Salon, a multifaceted novel writing program, agent pitch network, craft library and writer community for novices and veterans. Here at AAS, we tell the writer what works, what doesn't, and what needs to be developed further before an agent or publishing house editor shuts the door in their face. Our primary objective will always be to get the writer on a realistic path to commercial publication.


There are no great writers, only great rewriters.

Questions We Ask (if "yes" to these, no issues):
  • Are you contemplating a novel, writing a first draft, or beyond the first draft?
  • Do you wish to be published by a commercial publishing house?
  • Are you willing to listen to useful critique, and not too thin skinned?
  • Do you wish to pitch your work to good literary agents when the time comes?

Steps to Becoming a Member:
  • Read the ABOUT PAGE if you wish.
  • Read this Page and scroll down to take Thin Skin Test (below).
  • Click on THIS PAGE for a notes on the sign-up process.
  • Click on THIS PAGE to initiate your novel and bio profile and become a member.


Upon becoming a member you will gain access to (see elaboration below):

  • Three-Tier Review Process Which Includes a Professional Editor
  • The Finest Advanced Craft Technique and Writer Pedagogy
  • A Professional Project Profile
  • Facebook-like Social Media Features
  • Ability to Pitch "Resident" Agents in Private Forums
  • A Dedication To Helping You Publish In a Space Free of Drama
Elaboration as follows:
  • Three-Tier Critique: the first based on a "critique space" review by peers that features categorical criteria and requirements to justify responses, thus encouraging targeted and honest feedback; followed next by AAS staff review (writers working with AAS who are senior writers and workshop leaders); and a final review by a major AAS faculty editor prior to specific agent pitch sessions.
  • Novel and Non-F Pitching to AGENTS WITH MAJOR AGENCIES.
  • A Professional Project Profile that methodically identifies the major elements of your story foundation, premise, and narrative, thus providing literary agents with more needed information should they so desire it.
  • Facebook-like Social Media Features that facilitate effective interaction and community.
  • A Five-part "Competitive Edge" Series that features all the advanced craft technique you must understand and utilize in order to be competitive in the current book market. The series covers the four categories of "coverage" LISTED HERE and includes the first three course modules of the ALGONKIAN NOVEL WRITING PROGRAM, the 86-page Algonkian Study Guide (used at all workshops), and over two dozen original writer craft articles employing the Algonkian "model and context" approach.
  • A working space free of drama. We do not allow abusive or overbearing narcissists to participate. This isn't a free-for-all board. Also, you only have to share your novel here as much, or as little, as you wish. Your work is protected and we are witnesses to your intellectual property. Never in the history of Algonkian has a writer's work ever been ripped off by anyone else under any circumstances. See our FAQ if you want more information on this issue.

    Additionally, you receive:

  • Up to 15% Discount for any and all Algonkian Writer Conference events including the New York Pitch Conference.
  • A 25% Discount on the 16 Course ALGONKIAN NOVEL WRITING PROGRAM.
And lest we forget, we believe that being part of a unique and results-centered novel writing community is worth something also.

Notes On The Process

You may begin the registration process for the Algonkian Author Salon upon reading this page and taking our Thin Skin test below. If you wish to learn more about us, we recommend you first read the ABOUT PAGE. Regardless, the joining process is quite simple. As follows:
    1. Take the brief tests below to make certain we are a fit for you and your goals--IMPORTANT.
    2. Read our notes on FILLING OUT YOUR PROJECT PROFILE.
    3. Print out the Profile Guide and review before filling out the profile that includes information on you and your novel or non-fiction.
    4. Submit your profile and achieve pending status.
    5. Upon acceptance from AAS staff (up to five working days), proceed with program registration (membership is $49.00 quarterly or $89.00 annually--$59.00 for Algonkian alums. and no hidden or extra fees for upcoming literary agent pitch sessions or for full participation or use of the AAS website).
You are not required to have a full novel or nonfiction written in order to join. You might only have a partial or just a concept. However, we ask that you allow the AAS Profile Guide to cajole you into filling in the blanks, if necessary, on matters related to your project. Note that at first glance the profile itself visually resembles a CLASSIC SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE profile with photo, writer peer friends, email, chat link, etc. It consists of several categories divided into multiple pages that address not only your bio, but all important matters related to the market, structure, and composition of your fiction or nonfiction project.

The profile was designed, tested, and approved by professionals in the business including agents and editors. We know it performs magnificently when it comes to showcasing your project. Just as importantly, the nature of it cajoles you into making important realizations about your project in terms of its quality on all levels.

The Thin Skin Test You Must Pass

Hell hath no fury like a thin-skinned writer with a needy manuscript.

In case you're not sure if your skin qualifies, we've developed a few skin test questions below. Feel free to respond to yourself as you read each one. We desire to work exclusively with writers able to take fair and direct critique from their peers and the professionals at Algonkian Author Salon, and we also wish to avoid time-wasting instances of Offended Writer Syndrome (OWS) which often take place in writer workshops all across America.

Regardless, time to take THE THIN SKIN TEST:
  • Has any writer ever prefaced their critique of your work by first saying to you, "Don't hate me, please?"

  • Do you sense that writers who unfavorably critique your work are "loading the gun" and taking aim?

  • Do you rush to defend your work when a reader gives you criticism rather than absorb and weigh it carefully?

  • Do you feel a need to say unkind things about a writer's work if you perceive she or he was unkind to you first?

  • Have you ever chastised any writer for what you consider to be improper or incorrect critique of your work?

  • Have you ever been in writer workshops and reacted to criticism of your writing or story by demanding the other writer defend their decision in such detail that it served your purpose of making certain they never gave you unfavorable critique again?

  • Do you receive critique you oppose in good humor, but routinely seek the negation of it from those you know will agree with your version of reality?

  • Do you feel a bout of OWS coming on after reading the above questions?

If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, the Algonkian Author Salon is definitely not for you. However, if you have an epiphany and change of mind later on, please return and join us. We will welcome you. We promise.

But if you've passed the test, please proceed to read our notes on FILLING OUT YOUR PROJECT PROFILE.


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