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Novel Writing and The Act of Becoming A Commercial Author
At Author Salon, it's not just about getting a book published, it's about launching a career.
Two Parts / 16 Modules - 22-34 Weeks - Graduation Certificate - $499.00

Will You Work On Your Actual Novel?

Whether you're post-MFA, pre-MFA, or no MFA, the point is to plan and execute a novel that major commercial publishers will want to buy and actually promote.

A great MFA program and suitable story software will point you in the right direction when it comes to writing a novel; however, neither one will teach you how to write the kind of competitive and cinematic fiction narrative demanded by publishers in the major genres today, nor will they teach you the importance of understanding your market or how to evolve a high-concept project that will sell, much less anything about developing an artful pitch or hook line for agents or acquisition editors in major houses. So what to do? We have designed, with input from Author Salon faculty, an extremely competitive COMMERCIAL NOVEL WRITING PROGRAM with one goal in mind: to enable you to realistically transform your current novel manuscript or work-in-progress into a potentially competitive commercial project.

The Author Salon program consists of a two part, 16 module series of advanced craft and technique studies and assignments, all related to the art of writing novel-length fiction and designed to enhance and perfect your writing and manuscript step by step, thus making your novel far more competitive from a standpoint of marketable story premise, plot line(s), dramatic complications, point of view dynamics, narrative style technique, theme application, character arc, and much more.

How Much and What Are The Particulars?

All further information related to the program, including the cost, syllabus and faculty information, and more, can be found at the NOVEL WRITING PROGRAM WEBSITE. Upon REGISTRATION, you will be given a login to a private "Novel Writing Forum" on Author Salon Connect and here you will receive assignments and work to complete all 16 modules (both courses). You work at a pace you find sensible given the requirements. The course modules are "cross module," meaning a module completed one week will most likely be edited and revised weeks later as the knowledge base and skills of the writer evolve. Therefore, most modules exist in a state of dynamic flux as the manuscript and skill level improves, all leading up to a final review, whereupon each writer's work and ms on multiple levels is reviewed and critiqued by AS professionals Michael Neff, Katharine Sands, Shannon O'Neill, Paula Munier, and Barbara Kyle.

How do These Courses Apply to All Genres?

The courses and their modules approach the art of writing commercial fiction (or narrative nonfiction) in a manner that applies to upmarket/literary and all commercial genres. See THE SIX ACT TWO-GOAL NOVEL page on Author Salon to get an idea what we're talking about. The courses are designed to accomplish three primary goals, to enable you to:
  • Learn and practice foundational and advanced art-of-fiction and storytelling technique
  • Learn and apply said technique, craft and knowledge to your own novel-in-progress
  • Come to a firm understanding of the role today's market plays in the bullet point above (keep in mind, the "market" is your reader).
By the way, if you are still not sure of Author Salon's goals at this point, please read our ABOUT AUTHOR SALON page to get an idea. More information on the program below.


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