Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Algonkian Author Salon, Getting Published, Our Goals and Process, and So Forth

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Welcome to the Algonkian Author Salon, a multifaceted novel writing program, agent pitch network, and writer community for novices and veterans. Here at AAS, we tell the writer what works, what doesn't, and what needs to be developed further before a publishing house editor shuts the door in their face. Our primary objective will always be to get the writer on a realistic path to commercial publication.


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Where writers learn to balance craft with market and become published.
  • How to Begin? Must I Apply?
  • What Kind of Writer Are You Looking For?
  • What if I'm Already a Published Author?
  • Do You Work With eBook Authors?
  • And The Self-Published?
  • What Forms and Genres?
  • What is The Algonkian Author Salon Profile?
  • If I Have More Than One Project?
  • Is My Work Safe? Can Anyone View?
  • The Cost to Join The Algonkian Author Salon?
  • How Do Agents See My Work?
  • Does Algonkian Author Salon Offer Courses?
  • What is The Critique Process?
  • What Are the Benefits to Joining?
  • What is Your Privacy Policy?

How Do I Begin? Must I Apply?

To begin, go our INTRODUCTION AND FIRST STEPS page. You have options. In general, you endeavor to fill out your bio and project profile (fiction or nonfiction) in all categories. All writers remain in "Pending Status" until such time their bio and project profiles are reviewed and approved. In most cases, a decision is made within 48 hours.

What Kind of Writer Are You Looking For?

Serious and dedicated writers who have reached a cognizance of their need for productive and methodical critique, advanced craft technique, and professional review. In short, we're looking for the type of writer who can become a commercially successful author.

What if I am Already a Published Author?

It makes no difference. If you believe AAS or our Algonkian Novel Writing Program can help you, feel free to sign up.

Do You Address the Needs of eBook Fiction Authors Also?

In truth, it makes no difference, eBook or otherwise. The many and various craft skills required, the art of good storytelling, as well as the support mechanisms and market smarts (knowing what your particular reader craves), apply to writing any type of novel-length fiction. Just because you wish to publish or self-publish an eBook shouldn't disallow or prevent you from learning how to write well in the first place.

What About Self-Published Authors?

Many self-published authors are good writers, but why is it that so many appear to eschew craft, market, and the art of good storytelling? If you are a hobbyist, we're not for you, but if you really wish to compete, we're here to make you as competitive as possible.

What Forms and Genres Do You Work With?

All fiction genres including mystery, women's fiction both serious and light, upmarket/literary, thrillers and detective, SF/F, YA Fantasy, erotica, YA, urban fantasy, and the romance genres. Non-Fiction projects including memoir and narrative nonfiction.

What is The Algonkian Author Salon Profile Anyway?

At first glance, the profile visually resembles a CLASSIC SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE profile with photo, writer peer friends, email, chat link, etc.. It consists of several categories divided into multiple pages that address not only your bio, but all important matters related to the market, structure, and composition of your fiction or nonfiction project. The AUTHOR SALON PROFILE was designed, tested, and approved by professionals in the business including authors, agents, and editors. We know it performs magnificently when it comes to showcasing your project. Just as importantly, the very nature of it guides you to make important realizations about your project in terms of its quality on all levels.

What if I Have More Than one Project?

That is fine. You'll need to create one profile for one project (fiction or nonfiction) and a separate profile for a second project (fiction or nonfiction). Limit two projects. You do not have to pay for a second project profile. Once you initiate the signup process for a second time, complete the process but simply do not pay the membership fee at the end. Contact us using the CONTACT FORM, note your current user name, and we will verify, then approve you.

The Cost to Join This Project Development and Network Site?

Upon acceptance following PROFILE APPLICATION, annual membership to the Algonkian Author Salon website is $49.00 quarterly, $89.00 annually or $59.00 for Algonkian alums. There are no other hidden fees or costs for agents to read your pitch when appropriate.

How Do I Get Agents to Read My Work?

As appropriate, we keep them updated on promising novel and NF works. Agents can do general searches and browse, but they will naturally connect more frequently with our writers who by definition are the most accomplished authors and writers (this is a business after all); however, other agents, especially those relatively new in the business, sometimes wish to make a connection with an up and coming writer if their work-in-progress appears sufficiently high concept (i.e., commercially viable). In either case, if a professional wishes to read the ms, they will request a partial or full submission from the writer.

AAS writers will be able to pitch agents in the Algonkian Author Connect forum following suitable peer critique. See WRITER CRITIQUE GUIDELINES for more information. Agents will be contacted and directed by AAS staff to the proper forum at scheduled times.

Is My Work Safe? Can Anyone View My Project?

Your profile and project are not visible to those who are not registered members of the site (whose records are available to us), and your manuscript never appears on the site, but might be requested by agents. Screenplay writers make their projects available for producers and studio execs every day on websites like INK TIP and others. If you're concerned, keep in mind that 99.99 percent of writers are too egoistic to pinch ideas in the first place, and even if one was low enough to "steal" a story idea or a fragment of plot, it would still take them years to produce a complete book-length manuscript (if ever), and anyone who would do something like that is a lazy writer by definition and therefore demonstrates an innate inability to compete with the source writer who is supported by the resources of Algonkian.

Naturally, as an objective third party, we've got your back should anything remotely resembling the above scenario take place, however, if you remain concerned we advise you register your relevant work with Writers Guild of America, and you can do this via the WGA WEBSITE. The cost is $20 for non-members, $10 for members. You can register electronically or send them a printed copy in the mail. You can also register your story concept.

Does Algonkian Author Salon Offer Courses?

Yes. We have developed a comprehensive 16 module commercial novel writing program. We feel it is one of the best programs out there, if not *the* best, but we are naturally biased. You can find ON THIS PAGE.

What is The Critique Process?

For details on our critique criteria and the process of forming effective writer peer groups on Algonkian Author Salon, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

What Are the Tech Benefits?

A list and explanation of the tech benefits can be FOUND HERE. They include live chat, email, crit space, advanced social media forums, and more.

What is Your Privacy Policy?

We do not share your private information with third parties, or even second parties for that matter. We share it with no one. Also, unlike Facebook, only members can read your profile.


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