Actor/producer Morgan Freeman and REVELATIONS ENTERTAINMENT have optioned, "The Black Panthers: A Story of Race, War, and Courage. The 761st Tank Battalion in World War II," for a feature film. The project has interested Mr. Freeman for some time and he has finally found his right book. Gina M. DiNicolo, an Author Salon and New York Pitch Conference alum, authored the work. And how did this come about? In 2012, she had the "misfortune" to ride the rails to New York with conference organizer Michael Neff. He took interest in her work, sat horrified at what she'd planned to pitch, and insisted that she conceive and pitch the book on the 761st, THE FIRST BLACK TANK UNIT IN COMBAT.
Miss DiNicolo is now working on her next project - a narrative nonfiction on a bloody World War I battle. 

Viva Gina! We love you!

In The Black Panthers: A Story of Race, War, and Courage — the 761st Tank Battalion in World War II, historian Gina M. DiNicolo tells the full and unvarnished history of this important American fighting force. Relying on extensive archival research, including documents that had not been consulted in previous accounts, and interviews with surviving soldiers and family members, the author describes the unit's training, deployment, combat, and individuals, such as Sgt. Ruben Rivers, one of only seven African American men awarded the Medal of Honor for World War II heroism. The professionalism, dedication, and courage of the 761st and other non-white units made clear that the strength of the American army in the future lay with integration—one of the enduring accomplishments of these servicemen.

Gina M. DiNicolo is a military historian and award-winning journalist who has written on military topics for nearly two decades. She was a contributing editor at Military Officer magazine, where more than twenty of her stories graced the publication's cover. She is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with a degree in history, and served as an officer in the Marine Corps.

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