Nonfiction author Beatrice Williams was signed with publisher Berrett-Koehler after working closely with Michael Neff of Algonkian and Author Salon to transform her pitch and book proposal into a new theme and title: RISE OF THE AMERICAN CORPORATE SECURITY STATE. Beatrice is represented by Michael's agency, AEI FILMS AND BOOKS/STORYMERCHANT in Los Angeles. 

Her novel was published in April and can be found on AMAZON BOOKS, among other places.



In the United States today, we have good reasons to be afraid.  Our Bill of Rights is no more. It has been rendered pointless by heavy surveillance of average citizens, political persecution of dissenters, and the potential of indefinite detention now codified into law. Our democracy and freedoms are impaired daily by government control of information, systemic financial corruption, unfettered corporate influence in our elections, and by corporate-controlled international institutions. The Constitution of The United States that has shielded us for more than 200 years from the tentacles of oppressive government and the stranglehold of private wealth becomes more meaningless with each new act of corporate-ocracy.

After September 11, 2001, our government told us to fear foreign terrorists. We dutifully obeyed. In September, 2008, when the financial system froze, we were told that only hundreds of billions in bailouts could save our economy from the damage caused by our own irrational exuberance. We accepted that without question. But now, years later, we must recognize that no foreign terrorist has shredded the Constitution. Nor did we, as citizens, bankrupt the nation. The ascendant Corporate Security State accomplished both.  And worse, it has yet to be stopped.

Behind a thinning veneer of democracy, the Corporate Security State is tipping the balance between the self-interest of a governing corporate elite and the rights of the people to freedom, safety and fairness. Reasons to Be Afraid notes the power shift manifest in eight clear and evolving trends since 2001, all of which are becoming more evident and threatening.




  • Posted 4 years ago
Congratulations on signing with Berrett-Koehler. Sounds like an important book and I look forward to being one of your readers.

Richarc Hacker


  • Posted 4 years ago
Congrats! I will be getting your book as soon as it's out.