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AEI Films and Books in Los Angeles will look at fulls and partials from a variety of writers at Author Salon, especially those with high concept genre stories verging on breakout--an emphasis on commercial fantasy.  Projects will be considered for both film production and submission to major publishers.

AEI PRODUCTIONS has set up and produced multiple films with major studi… Read all

Author Wendy Eckel, a veteran of Algonkian Writer Conferences, joined Author Salon in October, 2011, and worked closely with AS editors, including advisory editors Michael Neff, Penny Warner, and Ken Atchity, to hone her "social media cozy" novel, KILLER ON THE WALL, into a competitive manuscript that was signed by AEI FILMS AND BOOKS in Los Angeles in 2012, and sold to Thomas Dunne Book… Read all

Eighteen year old Ethan Adlar inherits a fountain pen and a destiny from his father, Thomas. Unknown to Ethan, Thomas led a secret alchemist league fighting an ancient war across the centuries to protect history from the future.

   - THE FIVE PENS OF JOHANNES by Richard Hacker

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Nonfiction author Beatrice Williams has just signed with publisher Berrett-Koehler after working closely with Michael Neff of Algonkian and Author Salon to transform her pitch and book proposal into a new theme and title: RISE OF THE AMERICAN CORPORATE SECURITY STATE. Beatrice is represented by Michael's agency, AEI FILMS AND BOOKS in Los Angeles.


Rachel Walsh of Author Salon has just signed a three-book contract with AEI Films and Books in Los Angeles. She will be represented by Ken Atchity and her series will be pitched to Hollywood as a film, and pitched to NYC editors as a book series. Everyone wish her luck!


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Author Salon's Carla Norton. Everyone send her best wishes and drinks all around! We all worked hard together.
  True crime writer Norton (Perfect Victim) makes her first foray into fiction with a compelling—and timely—story about a woman kidnapped when she was 12 and held for four years. Now 22 and living in San Francisco, Reeve LeClaire depends on strict routines and s… Read all

Reeve drives north from San Francisco to the rugged town of Jefferson, where she meets Tilly’s family and establishes an instant bond. But gaining the girl’s trust has a price. Tilly swears Reeve to secrecy and reveals that the real mastermind of the crime isn't known to the police and is lurking nearby, watching, waiting patiently for Tilly to make a mistake.

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Author Salon member, Scott Young, signed recently with a major literary agency, namely Prospect Agency.  Scott attributes final ms acceptance to the nip-and-tuck he received at AS:

The AS process has proven to be very helpful for me, as I have just signed with Carrie Pestrito of Prospect Agency. I queried her prior to joining AS and received a request for a full manuscript. A… Read all

The Author Salon vs. The Agent Query? Requests for Dozens of Projects in All Genres.

In keeping with its mission to serve as an ongoing bridge between its aspiring author members and professionals in the business, Author Salon has been actively reaching out to major New York publishing editors as well as literary agents on both coasts to promote a variety of projects each and every … Read all

ELISE CAPRON assists Sandra Dijkstra and is a Literary Agent at SDLA. She is most interested in serious character-driven literary fiction, well-written narrative nonfiction, and short story collections. A graduate of Emerson College, Elise holds a BFA in Writing, Literature and Publishing, and served on the editorial staff of the Emerson Review for several years. She interned at Harcour… Read all