Algonkian Author Salon and Writer Conferences News

Acclaimed author of "The Fiction Class," NYC workshop leader Susan Breen launches a new mystery series with Maggie Dove, about a beloved Sunday school teacher who must nab a murderer after she finds her neighbor dead under her beloved oak tree--two-book deal with Dana Isaacson at Alibi, an imprint of Random House, by NYC agent faculty Paula Munier at Talcott Notch agency. DARK RIVER by NYC pi… Read all

Top Seven Reasons Why Aspiring Authors Fail to Publish   by Michael NeffAt a conservative estimate, upwards of 250,000 writers in the U.S. are currently struggling to write or find an agent for their first commercial novel or memoir. If you understand this business, you also know why an enormous percentage are unable to make it happen. Below are the top seven reasons why otherwise passio… Read all

Author Wendy Eckel, a veteran of Algonkian Writer Conferences, joined Author Salon in October, 2011, and worked closely with AS editors, including advisory editors Michael Neff, Penny Warner, and Ken Atchity, to hone her "social media cozy" novel, KILLER ON THE WALL, into a competitive manuscript that was signed by AEI FILMS AND BOOKS in Los Angeles in 2012, and sold to Thomas Dunne Book… Read all

Tessa Woodward of Harper Collins added Kim Van Alkemade's novel ORPHAN NUMBER EIGHT to her list. The novel was pitched to her in Susan Breen's NYC Pitch workshop (women's fiction). Paula Munier of the NYC Pitch faculty is now the agent of record, the relationship brokered by Michael Neff, conference director. During Winter 2015, ORPHAN NUMBER EIGHT was on the NYT Bestseller List for b… Read all

Algonkian Author Salon's Kate Cox has signed with JENNIFER LYONS AGENCY, and we couldn't be more pleased. Kate has attended several Algonkian events, been a member of AAS, and has worked periodically with Algonkian director Michael Neff on her novel, THROUGH CHAGALL'S WINDOW. Her new agent, Jennifer Lyons (the third agent she queried), represents numerous big name authors. The awards they have rec… Read all

Thriller ‘Edge of Normal’ Being Adapted as Movie (EXCLUSIVE)Bold Films is developing the thriller “The Edge of Normal” as a movie after outbidding several other potential buyers for Matt Venne’s script, Variety has learned exclusively. The project, based on Carla Norton’s 2013 novel, is being produced by Bold’s Michel Litvak, Matthew Rhodes and Lisa Zambri, along with Indust… Read all

Algonkian Author Salon's Anna Newallo has signed with DYSTEL AND GODERICH. She put her novel through the AAS NOVEL WRITING PROGRAM, attended the New York Pitch Conference, and worked personally with Algonkian editorial staff to hone both her novel and her marketing savvy with agents. In Anna's dark and thriller-like novel, FRAGILE WICKED THINGS, a Southern woman falls for her Byronic employer and … Read all

Rachel Walsh of Algonkian Author Salon has completed a successful prequel trilogy for her novel, THE LAST SCRIBE. She is represented by Ken Atchity of AEI/Story Merchant. Her series will be pitched to Hollywood as a film, and to NYC editors as a series. THE LOG LINEAccording to a six thousand year old prophecy hidden in the Apocrypha, the last surviving descendant of Enoch will inherit t… Read all

Shami Stovall's THE FINAL NIGHT has been signed by Renee Fountain, a literary and dramatic rights agent, of Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Agency. Shami his a grad of the ALGONKIAN NOVEL WRITING PROGRAM and has worked closely with faculty editors to hone her story to a fine commercial edge. Her novel was also requested by several editors at the NEW YORK PITCH CONFERENCE.THE FINAL NIGHTVi… Read all

Jerusalem Maiden is now in its sixth printing. TALIA CARNER was able to effectively launch this novel after working her story and pitch with publishing professionals at the NEW YORK PITCH CONFERENCE. About the novel:  Esther Kaminsky knows that her duty is to marry young and produce many sons to help hasten the Messiah’s arrival: that is what is expected of young ultra-Orthodox women in… Read all