Algonkian Author Salon Profile Completion Guide

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The Project Profile Guide - Purpose and Composition

There are no great writers, only great rewriters.

Your project profile at Algonkian Author Salon contains all the information about you and your novel, or nonfiction, an agent needs to know in order to take you seriously as a potential client. But just as importantly, it cajoles you into a process that will assist you in evolving your work. The mere act of addressing the various nuances inherent in your novel or nonfiction while completing the project profile serves the purpose of enabling you to more fully understand what it really takes to envision, structure, write and edit a manuscript that agents and publishing house editors will take seriously. You will come to understand the necessary considerations and edits that will make your work more competitive in the commercial marketplace.

And at such time you critique your work, or work written by your peers, we want you to wear the hat of an agent or editor in this business. See it from their standpoint, not from the standpoint of the average workshop writer. Will you put your career on the line for that novel? For that memoir? Read THIS ARTICLE BY A FORMER EDITOR AT RANDOM HOUSE to get a much better idea of what we're talking about.

You might also discover that one aspect of your profile sparks ideas for defining or revising other aspects. For example, defining the source of major story conflict(s) might require you to revise your synopsis (and perhaps your story as well). Once you've become a member, you will have access to the FIVE-PART ADVANCED TECHNIQUE CLASSROOM that includes three modules from the AAS novel writing program. Please pay careful attention to the examples and guidance, especially the synopses, hook lines, and conflict statements.

Seek to emulate them. If you cannot do so, that is a red flag something is lacking in your work. Ignoring them is equivalent to saying you are unwilling to learn or adapt. Use the profile and the technique guides to effectively reality-test your manuscript in every way, thereby enabling you to improve it as much as possible before later beginning the Algonkian Author Salon critique process with other writers.

Note: if there is anything in the project profile you cannot answer right away, simple say WORKING ON IT, and return later once you have access to the technique modules.

BTW, before you attempt to list your comparables in your profile, read THIS ARTICLE FIRST--an excellent piece on how to choose the right ones for your novel. It's a must with agents and publishing house editors because they demonstrate you understand your market while giving them a better idea how to sell your work.