"Plot Briefs," Glossary and Chart For the Six Act Two-Goal

by Michael Neff

The Six Act Two-Goal Novel

The Plot, Setting and Conflict Outline (PSCO):

The Plot, Setting and Conflict Outline (PSCO) Chart:
by Kari Pilgrim with Assist by Joan Koster

The Plot, Setting and Conflict Outline (PSCO) Glossary:

From the PSCO Guide:

The PSCO is a new way of writing a long and detailed plot synopsis about your novel or narrative non-fiction. It focuses on the development of the story, i.e., the major plot line(s), breaking up the synopsis into sections while prompting each writer to consider crucial specific elements such as setting and conflict.

The PSCO is composed of two primary parts: the first which contains the story statement, hook line, and the writer’s profile pitch synopsis, followed by the second which contains summaries of the six novel or narrative non-fiction acts, defined here as STORY ACTS. Each Story Act in turn consists of two primary parts. First, an opening summary of the entire Act with plot as the focus, and second, an appropriate subset of PLOT BRIEFS that further elaborate on the progression of the story in the Act and which touch on the most important and relevant elements and events involving the major characters, especially the antagonist and the protagonist.

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