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 Algonkian Author Salon Creates a Unique Novel Program

by Alexerhead (
Many writers, seeking some education and help in the novel writing process, struggle with which program to register for--MFA? Writing Retreats? Online classes? We have an amazing opportunity for you today as Michael Neff, founder of the Algonkian Author Salon Novel Writing Program, gives us an inside look at what makes their program unique and successful. If you are looking for a career in writing and want to write novels that make it on bookshelves, then this program could just be perfect for you! Read on to find out what happens, the faculty, and how to sign up if you are interested.

WOW: How did the Author Salon Novel Writing Program get started?

Michael: I was having lunch with a couple of editors from Random and St. Martins in New York during the Algonkian pitch conference event a few years ago, and we were talking about online writing courses and programs of one kind or another. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of several before bemoaning the fact that no comprehensive, realistically tough program for novel writing yet existed that put it all together. That's when I decided to partner with several editors and agents to create just such a program, and at a cost that made it reasonable. I was already involved as a part-time admin and contributing editor at Author Salon, so it all meshed. Course, I didn’t realize at the time just how much work would ultimately go into it. You know, you conceive something, get a head of steam, then you're sighing with exhaustion as the reality sinks in many months later. It became an enormous task to brainstorm and develop the methods, syllabus, work modules, and all the assignments and articles, but we got it done. The emphasis was always on being comprehensive and pragmatic.

What Makes Us The Choice for Aspiring Authors Looking For a Real Career?

Our commercial novel writing program? The fact that we're getting contracts for our writers? Our quality of professional guidance? The peer-and-pro approach to successful critique? All of the above? Yes. We consider Algonkian Author Salon to be the first "DEEP site" of its kind, i.e., a "Display, Educate, and Evolve the Project" website. But t's not just about getting a book published, it's about launching a career.

Pre-MFA, Post-MFA, or No MFA - Get Your Novel on a Path to Publication

Do MFA programs have the right to be worried? Yes. Our novel writing courses created by professionals in the business enable writers onsite to successfully write, edit, position and pitch their novels, thereby securing potential future requests (once the manuscript is ready), via Algonkian Author Salon promotion, from leading publishers and agencies including Random House, Dijkstra Agency, AEI Films, Harper Collins, Penguin Books, Marsal Lyon Literary, Kimberley Cameron, Fine Print Literary, Donald Maass Agency, St. Martins, ICM, and more ...

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